MidnightMoon Portfolio


Examples of art and related merchandise to be offered to fans at conventions, artist alleys, etc. Along with concept art of a booth display. (subject to change)

For more examples, please click on the catalog link in the menu bar. (It is not up to date with new inventory yet)

Last updated : 9/4/2022

Upcoming conventions : Holiday cosplay Tampa Bay, FL

Contact Information : midnightmoonpins@yahoo.com 

 GALLERY (not limited to the art shown here. If resolution is blurry, please reach out and I'll happily provide clearer examples. First two examples are line art versions that are turned into enamel pins/stickers. Fully rendered art is transformed into prints/ acrylic stands/ keychains )

ENAMEL PINS (stock not limited to these examples)

We are a team of artists that create fan made works that appeal to a broad range of fandoms. The business has been running successfully for two years, mostly online. Our various items include enamel pins, acrylic keychains, stickers, art prints and more! We hope to have this chance to make positive connections with the community at your convention! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

 The following is not an indication of the final product. It is a subject to change mock up for my booth. This portfolio will be updated once there are better examples to provide. I have created a simple display for easy viewing for anyone passing by my booth. Enamel pins are to be parallel displayed across the table. The display’s themselves will have visible pricing to make the shopping experience easy for the consumer. The table banner makes for more a recognizable piece, but it can be switched. My booth will include all of the items we offer in a simple, yet effective manner. STC.